The Punishment 

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

"Stop talking or I make you stand whole period!' the teacher shouted. The shout wasn't too loud but her grumpy face and cold stare was enough to frighten the flock of lambs, except Arun and his friends. They paid no heed to the teacher. Busy playing they only wondered for a while why the facial expression of the teacher changed and indulged back in their giggles once more. That was enough. Enough for the prickly Mrs Jones to actually make them stand the whole period. Long forty-five minutes. Arun and his company wondered. With astonishment borne eyes they only tried to murmur something but soon was stopped as the ruler in Mrs Jones' hand came as a posing threat. A 'How dare you disrespect your teacher' followed and the lecture continued causing only much shiver, shock, fright and a deafening sound to the punished kids of three years. The class finally ended with Mrs Jones flinging the door wide open and walking away. The punished children in awe tried to stand still even with their shaky limbs until the next teacher arrived. The next teacher, Mr Carter was astonished to see a bunch of children standing that way. On asking the reason why? the class narrated the incident. Mr Carter then asked the punished students the reason why they behaved that way? They still didn't answer. Mr Carter could guess something. He asked the same thing in Bengali, and the children came up with the answer. They were not being able to understand what ma'am was saying hence didn't bother to pay any heed. Mr Carter conveyed the inconvenience of the children to Ms Jones. She muttered out the rules of the Convent School ending with 'I'm not a translator' Mr Carter retaliated with a profound sigh, ' Yes, definitely not a translator, but a Teacher'. So common an issue but hardly dealt with. Nor everyone can grasp everything quickly, that's why there are teachers. This should always be thought of and acted accordingly. Susmita Chakraborty. (English M. A. B. Ed in progress)





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