The Child in Me. 

Nowadays I don't suddenly stop to look at a rainbow, I'm no more a child but, but, why doesn't the child in me do so ? It's been long that I've flown a paper kite or floated a paper boat or ran after a falling kite, but why hasn't my child inside ? No more do I dance madly to the tune of heavy downpour, but why doesn't this child ? What is wrong with him ? These thoughts kept murmuring until I discovered the reason myself, all at once all of a sudden. And it hit me with a jolt. It was a fine holiday morning. We were playing Hide and Seek. Me and my child hardly do we play anymore. Hardly do I have the time. Holidays to me were just like a recess between classes. So after a point I left seeking for my hidden child. He kept his hints ongoing, but I was done. I had already sat with my extras to be completed and to those hints, cries and pleas my hands reached not. Till my child, now a broken toy, promised not to seek for me in his games anymore... And I was left in awe. Something had hit me. These days I'd been thinking of it as a problem of my child but, but it IS rather the other way around. Maybe his infancy has never had a companion, maybe it was just like the game of Hide and Seek. Maybe it was there, or maybe concealed but my hands never sought them out. No I should not use a 'maybe' but a 'definitely' ! ALAS.... But the realization is enough, enough for now to begin with once again. Once again to keep the child in me alive.

Susmita Chakraborty (Masters in English)





Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Sarani,

Phool Bagan,

Kolkata - 700 054