‌When we see stop sign, during our mental breakdown,when we don't get success during all this time we need "MOTIVATION" to keep us moving untill we get success .It is the only way by which we can reach out goal. To move forward children as well as elders need motivation to attain ones goal .When we fail n become unsuccessful the only therapy which works is motivation. It is a very important thing one cannot live there life without motivation .Each and every person needs motivation for progress and also to do there daily work in a systematic manner.what motivate us is when we get more or when we get success through our hard work.we are motivated by many things we get motivation from our parents, teachers, friends,book,nature ,but it's very difficult to connect with that .If we get it then we can be successful. Motivation in daily life ,work place, education,sports ,to get a job,to do any work we need motivation it is a very important aspect to live a healthy and wealthy motivation is important to encourage good habbits to to to follow you. There are two types of motivation intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. In intrinsic motivation we have the desire to do hard work ,and we don't need any external pressure to pursue our work it comes from within.where as in extrinsic motivation some one has to be pushed to do there work.It does not comes from within.Thus to conclude each and every children as well as human beings should have some goal or motivation to do there work so that one can reach there goal enrich there dream.





Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Sarani,

Phool Bagan,

Kolkata - 700 054