Concentration is the power of focusing ones attention.But nowadays it is a very difficult thing. We hardly get to see any child who is very attentive or very much obedient. Children suffers from this disease which is called less concentration or no Concentration .One thing every parent tell about raising a child is that it is extremely difficult to get them focus on their studies. But for the growth and development ,a child needs to concentrate for there academic result.If a child is concentrated then he is focused and he is also attentive which shows the child mental ability to acquire anything is very good.During my interview with the parents when I was the teacher of #littlestars the parents used to often complained that there child are not concentrated and even they are distracted ,children nowadays have a tendency of using mobile phone..parents got a very easy way to make there child less naughty ,they make them sit with a phone ,either they watch cartoon or play games with it and for these children are becaming excessively addicted which makes them less concentrated.But there is a phrase that" if there is a will there is a way "like that if the child is less concentrated then parents should work hard to make them concentrated.There are focus game,they should try to increase there focus, meditation are some ways . A child is the gift of God ,they are our future we should spend more time with them to understand there mental ability and we should always boost them to do task so that are motivated and more concentrated to do any work. Thank you. Arpita Mukherjee (B.A ,M.A)





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